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Title: Elsa: Photo Contest
Author: Raimondina Deeds
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Description: This dog is my family! Her name is Elsa, she’s three years old roughly. She had a hard start at life. At 8 weeks old she was covered in mange and fleas and was going to be euthanized! But the vet found it in them to get her better! I stopped by Petco just to look at the dogs and I was about to leave when they said there is one more dog to look at in a enclosed truck! When they opened the door and I seen her I fell in love! 😍 This girl goes and travels everywhere with me and my 3 kids! Her fav thing is water! She loves to swim and play in the hose. She loves to fetch and play with her bones! She loves loves loves taking the kids to school in the morning ping with me to wait in line to pick them up. But most importantly she loves showing me and the kids how much she loves us! She’s the most gentle and sweetest dog ever! We’ve had her for 3 years and after losing our lab a year ago (had her for 12 years) of cancer I’m so glad Elsa has been here! She always puts a smile on my face and I hope she knows how loved she truly is! Thank you for your time. 🙂